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Nota bibliográfica cribado c pulmón 2014-05

Detterbeck FC. Overdiagnosis during lung cancer screening: is it an overemphasised, underappreciated, or tangential issue? Thorax. 2014;69(5):407–8. Available from:

Manos, Daria; Seely, Jean M; Taylor, Jana; Borgaonkar, Joy; Roberts HC. The Lung Reporting and Data System (LU-RADS): a proposal for computed tomography screening. Can Assoc Radiol J. 2014;65(2):121–34. Available from:
Despite the positive outcome of the recent randomized trial of computed tomography (CT) screening for lung cancer, substantial implementation challenges remain, including the clear reporting of relative risk and suggested workup of screen-detected nodules. Based on current literature, we propose a 6-level Lung-Reporting and Data System (LU-RADS) that classifies screening CTs by the nodule with the highest malignancy risk. As the LU-RADS level increases, the risk of malignancy increases. The LU-RADS level is linked directly to suggested follow-up pathways. Compared with current narrative reporting, this structure should improve communication with patients and clinicians, and provide a data collection framework to facilitate screening program evaluation and radiologist training.
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