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Nota bibliográfica cribado c próstata 2014-11

Kitagawa Y, Sawada K, Urata S, Izumi K, Ueno S, Kadono Y, et al. Impact of PSA Levels on Second-round Screening for the Development of Prostate Cancer in Men with Low Baseline PSA Levels (Anticancer Res. Greece; 2014;34(11):6739–46. PMID: 25368284.

CONCLUSION: The present study demonstrated that serum PSA levels at second round screening were a strong predictor of cancer development in men with baseline PSA levels ng/ml at the first population screening.

Prasad V. It is time to stop screening for prostate cancer. JAMA Intern Med. United States; 2014;174(11):1841–2. doi: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2014.3078.
PMID: 25178980.

Louie KS, Seigneurin A, Cathcart P, Sasieni P. Do prostate cancer risk models improve the predictive accuracy of PSA screening? A meta-analysis. Ann Oncol. 2014; Available from: doi: 10.1093/annonc/mdu525.

Conclusions Risk prediction models improve the predictive accuracy of PSA testing to detect PCa. Future developments in the use of PCa risk models should evaluate its clinical effectiveness in practice

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