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Nota bibliográfica cribado c próstata 2014-10

Ghodsbin F, Zare M, Jahanbin I, Ariafar A, Keshavarzi S. A Survey of the Knowledge and Beliefs of Retired Men about Prostate Cancer Screening Based on Health Belief Model. Int J community based Nurs midwifery. Iran; 2014;2(4):279–85. PMID: 25349871.

CONCLUSION: Developing an assessment based on HBM could be effective in designing and implementing educational programs by helping to identify the needs and priorities of the target population.

Randazzo M, Beatrice J, Huber A, Grobholz R, Manka L, Wyler SF, et al. Influence of metformin use on PSA values, free-to-total PSA, prostate cancer incidence and grade and overall survival in a prospective screening trial (ERSPC Aarau). World J Urol. 2014; doi: 10.1007/s00345-014-1426-y. PMID: 25358675.

CONCLUSION: No significant differences in PSA levels or PCa incidence and grade were observed. The slightly higher f/t-ratio did not result in lower PCa detection rate. Metformin users were at significantly higher risk of all-cause mortality. The relatively small number of men on metformin is a main limitation of the study.

Black A. A targeted approach reduces prostate cancer-specific (PSA) screening harms while preserving benefits. Evid Based Med. England; 2014;19(5):186. doi: 10.1136/ebmed-2014-110018. PMID: 24939923
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